What is Blockchain? #vietaliana #cryptokylie

This is a video Kylie made with my help because we want to help people understand what Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency is. So let’s talk about “What is Blockchain?”

What is Blockchain?

People have been asking me about what blockchain is and I really didn’t know where to start. So what I decided to do was to try to teach my 4 year old daughter what it was.

The idea was that if I could explain it to my daughter and she was able to understand it enough to create a video about it in under 5 minutes — people would like it.

So we made this video and to test it out. I have a friend who has a short attention span and no interest in blockchain watch it. She was able to watch it (and understand it) without too much trouble, so we consider that a success.

I hope you guys enjoy it, she worked really hard on it.

If people want more “5 minute” crypto videos with Crypto Kylie, then we’ll make more. This was just supposed to be a fun experiment to see if I could teach her what blockchain was.


What is Blockchain? – Explained by a 4 year old.


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