Crypto Kylie What is Blockchain in 5 Minutes

What is Blockchain? #vietaliana #cryptokylie

This is a video Kylie made with my help because we want to help people understand what Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency is. So let’s talk about “What is Blockchain?” What is Blockchain? People have been asking me about what blockchain is and I really didn’t know where to start. So what I decided to do was Read more about What is Blockchain? #vietaliana #cryptokylie[…]

Little Wonder Woman

Google Year in Search 2017 #vietaliana #YearInSearch

Reposted with permission from First things first, watch the video: Ok now let’s discuss: The theme of this year’s video is “how”. In 2017, people asked Google “how”. This is punctuated by the flashing how with | in the Google Search box at the beginning of the video, and then it moves into: how Read more about Google Year in Search 2017 #vietaliana #YearInSearch[…]

Animal Crossing - Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review #vietaliana

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review (iOS) A friend of mine told me that Kylie needed to check out this new mobile game. So we gave it a shot. Now, here’s our review: (from a 4 year old and Parent perspective) What’s the game about? Well, if you’ve ever played the other Animal Crossing games, this game Read more about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Review #vietaliana[…]