November 19, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How old is vietaliana?

Kylie is 8 years old, although sometimes her vocabulary (and sass) seems like that of a pre-teen.

She’s half Vietnamese and Half Italian?

Yes, she’s Hapa, which means “half”, “part”, or “mixed”.

Her dad is Vietnamese and her mom is Italian.

How did you decide to start doing Instagram and YouTube?

She loves to take pictures and share them on Facebook. SOn a whim we made an Instagram account for her, which her mom runs for her. She likes to add her own comments to the pictures and she’s getting pretty good at selfies too.

As for YouTube, she watches YouTube Kids on her iPad sometimes and sees kids reviewing (and playing with) toys. One day, she told me (her dad) that she wanted to try it. So I looked into how to start with YouTube (on the cheap) and just kind of gave it a shot. I’m not a great videographer or a good video editor, but I think she’s pretty happy with how it came out.

I am hopeful that it will teach her to speak to an audience (albeit a virtual one) and be able to “think on her feet” as I ask her questions about the toys. We may throw in some other stuff on her channel other than toy reviews to mix things up.

Update: Kylie has developed an intense interest in acting and is devoting all of her spare time to honing her craft. If you look at her Cold Reads, we think you’ll see how she continues to grow as a young actress. Additionally, my wife are continuing to get better at making her videos.

Who made her website?

Me (her dad)

It’s just a simple WordPress site with a Zerif Lite theme. I’m not great with WordPress, but I have a little experience because I run a little blog called “Senior Resident – Life after Med School“.

This website is primarily just a “home base” for her Instagram and YouTube.

Does she have representation?

Yes, Kylie is currently represented by Kathy Muller Talent Agency.

Anything else?

I want Kylie to grow up strong and independent. I think being able to express herself and be confident are important and my wife and I want to support her in anything she can devote herself to.

I want her to be fulfilled.

Any more questions or comments?

Feel free to send Kylie an email.